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Now On Netflix Review- Invaders From Mars, 1986

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Invaders from Mars is the kind of horror that’s fine for pretty much the whole family. It’s not overly terrifying or overly gruesome and if you take out the small amount of horror that is present you are left with a children’s film. Not that I’m slating Invaders from Mars for being that, it was one hell of a fun movie and I would probably watch it again.

I don’t know what’s wrong with this town but for some reason the only person who can tell that something’s wrong is a child, David (Hunter Carson), even though everyone is acting super weird and suspicious. Luckily the school nurse (Linda Magnuson) believes him and the two set out to save the day.

The plot is as simple as it could get, but since it worked for me I’m not going to say anything bad about that. Visually it’s a super fun film, there’s a lot going on but it’s never distracting- from cute/ terrifying aliens to the spaceship channeling disco ball landing there’s certainly a lot to look at in this film. It’s everything you would expect from an 80’s sci-fi horror flick.

3/5 – Pretty sure I almost took half a star away for the ending because it disappointed me greatly, but it’s an amusing sci-fi flick so what the hell- three stars!


Now On Netflix Review- Coherence, 2013

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Coherence starts with friends at a dinner party on the same night a comet is supposed to pass. Of course when it does everything gets really really really crazy. Seriously, Coherence is the perfect name for this film- if you’re struggling to figure out what’s going on, don’t worry, you should be (everything is explained in- film though!).

Coherence is an experimental sci- fi film, with a crazy plot that’s still down- to- earth enough to make it work. James Ward Byrkit’s directorial debut is set almost completely in a small living room. Don’t worry though! It’s still exciting and unexpected- you’ll be as freaked out as the characters by the end of it. I had a headache only half way through, in a good way- I was just as disorientated as everyone else, and so pleased with the kind- of horror twist the film made in the last fifteen minutes or so.

There’s definitely enough twists, reveals and mysteries in this movie to span across a whole series of films, and yet somehow James Ward Byrkit (and Alex Manugian, co- writer) mange to pull it all together in convincing style. I was hooked.

It’s difficult to write this review without spoilers but I don’t want to reveal anything to you in case you decide to go and watch this (and I think you should!). Give the trailer a skip too, go in blind and have your mind blown. While the ending is a slight let down and parts do seem a little goofy this movie is a pretty fun, crazy, watch.

Coherence isn’t a perfect movie, but it’s exciting enough to be worth a watch. You have to pay attention too, you can’t idly sit- back, but if you do pay attention you’ll likely enjoy this film.

3.5/ 5