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Halloween Film List- Movies to watch on the scariest night of the year!

A list of films to watch on Halloween with something for everyone- as long as you don’t mind being scared crazy that is. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!  (more…)

The Pyramid, 2014

Available from Friday 9th October on NowTV

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When found footage goes wrong, it really does go wrong. Grégory Levasseur’s 2014 film The Pyramid could easily be compared to movies such as The Descent and As Above/So Below- it really is typical of the genre- except this found footage piece seems to pull cameras out of thin air (how are we shooting this satellite again?).

The film follows an American archaeologist father/ daughter duo (Denis O’Hare/ Ashley Hinshaw) and the two person documentary team (James Buckley/ Christa Nicola) paid to follow them around on what could be the discovery of a lifetime. There are other members of their small team too- a borrowed mars rover and the man to operate it as well as one member of the Egyptian military. There’s the almost interesting back drop of the conflict in Egypt at the time but it falls as nothing more than a device to move the story forward.

As you can imagine things go awry when they’re forced to enter the pyramid. Atrocious special effects and a wise cracking Fitz (our documentary camera operator whose emotional range goes from absolute shock to ‘you wouldn’t see that on the discovery channel- would ya?’ in the space of minutes) ensue. In fact we’re constantly falling into those classic found footage tropes in this movie, terrible CGI, jump scares, shock (?) ending, and of course the almost always constant claustrophobic sequence.

The Pyramid is a classic example of VOD Trash.

1 ½  / 5