November, 2015- Best and Worst Movie of the month

Where I review the best and worst movies I’ve seen this month, and give you the basics of what’s going on with these films.

Worst Movie of the Month goes to: Sucker Punch, 2011

Some people love this film, I do not. In fact I’ve spoken to two people about this film recently and they both told me they fell asleep and missed the dragons (yeah, there’s dragons).

I’ve seen a few reviews that say if you don’t look too much into this film it’s great, while other reviews state that if you don’t like Sucker Punch you’re not looking into it enough. I’m sure I don’t know which one to do, and after watching this film twice I think I’m good. I won’t spend forever on Sucker Punch, it’s a love it or hate it film and you’re going to have to watch it to find out what category you’re in. If you want to read more about what I think I did a new release review on Sucker Punch earlier this month- see that here.


Best Movie of the Month goes to: Prince of Darkness, 1987

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you must know by now I love a good horror film, and I love John Carpenter too. I was shown this film under the pretense that I might not like it, but I loved it. Sure it’s a little goofy and there’s not much flesh to the characters but it’s such a fun watch you won’t even care.

There’s tons of atmosphere, a bit of humor, it’s directed by John Carpenter- what more could you want? Carpenter is dealing with science and religion, it’s a kind- of zombie film revolving around a cylinder filled with spinning green goo. What a brilliant idea! Watch this now, especially if you’re a fan of horror.


Recommendation of the month: Silent Night, Deadly Night, 1984 – A hilarious christmas slasher film that’s really bad but also really good. AND it’s available on Netflix RIGHT NOW, so what are you waiting for? Read my review of it here and go watch it.

Comment and let me know your best and worst movie of the month and let me know what to watch and what to avoid!



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