Now On Netflix Review- Coherence, 2013

Now on Netflix UK

Coherence starts with friends at a dinner party on the same night a comet is supposed to pass. Of course when it does everything gets really really really crazy. Seriously, Coherence is the perfect name for this film- if you’re struggling to figure out what’s going on, don’t worry, you should be (everything is explained in- film though!).

Coherence is an experimental sci- fi film, with a crazy plot that’s still down- to- earth enough to make it work. James Ward Byrkit’s directorial debut is set almost completely in a small living room. Don’t worry though! It’s still exciting and unexpected- you’ll be as freaked out as the characters by the end of it. I had a headache only half way through, in a good way- I was just as disorientated as everyone else, and so pleased with the kind- of horror twist the film made in the last fifteen minutes or so.

There’s definitely enough twists, reveals and mysteries in this movie to span across a whole series of films, and yet somehow James Ward Byrkit (and Alex Manugian, co- writer) mange to pull it all together in convincing style. I was hooked.

It’s difficult to write this review without spoilers but I don’t want to reveal anything to you in case you decide to go and watch this (and I think you should!). Give the trailer a skip too, go in blind and have your mind blown. While the ending is a slight let down and parts do seem a little goofy this movie is a pretty fun, crazy, watch.

Coherence isn’t a perfect movie, but it’s exciting enough to be worth a watch. You have to pay attention too, you can’t idly sit- back, but if you do pay attention you’ll likely enjoy this film.

3.5/ 5



  1. I really enjoyed this movie, I think even more than you did. And I agree it’s one of the few films that you really don’t want to have anything spoiled about. There were so many times that I thought I had had the “lightbulb” moment where I was fully getting it, only to be thrown off my feet again a while later. And where that can be an annoying experience in some films, this one totally sold it.

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    1. Yeah through out the whole film I kept saying to the people I was with ‘Okay, I get what’s going on… Oh no I don’t’
      It’s a great film to watch with people I think, just for the conversation that has to happen when the movie finishes!


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