Now On Netflix- Jesus Camp, 2006 (and other great docs)

Available now on Netflix UK

If you’re looking for a documentary with a story that will shock, showing you something that’s probably out of your comfort zone, then watch Jesus Camp. Of course Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing’s documentary shows nothing really new when it comes to the religious right, but some of it’s lively and it is an engaging watch. A well made documentary all round, with a great running time of 87 minutes it’s worth a watch.

Jesus Camp begins with a radio host absolutely disgusted with what is going on in one particular religious group and their “Kids on Fire School of Ministry” – we can only wonder why. Fortunately we don’t have to wonder for long as the films jumps right into thick of this Christian summer camp. It’s provocative, with scenes of children crying, having their mouths taped shut and speaking in tongues,  there’s also politics, and a whole lot of other material that makes your mind scream ‘what????’.

This documentary observes the community it’s following extremely well, with members of the “Kids on Fire School of Ministry” even stating that it’s an accurate portrayal, which is the craziest thing of all. Unfortunately there’s no twists, reveals or surprise endings, (see The Impostor and Tabloid if you’re looking for something truly mind- blowing) but Jesus Camp is shocking enough you keep you watching. It’s the kind of documentary you want to show people.

Jesus Camp is what it is, which is a documentary following a religious group whose thoughts and ideals go against the liberal norm. It’s in- your- face and it never turns away from what it’s showing you- a thought provoking documentary.



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