New Release Review- Sucker Punch, 2011

Available from 4th November on Amazon Prime

I’ve heard this is a love it or hate it movie. Spoiler: I hated it, which is a shame because with a name like ‘Sucker Punch’ it sounds like you’re in for one hell of an awesome movie.

Zack Snyder is desperately trying to deliver something new, something powerful in this comic book/ video game- esque film, Sucker Punch, but it doesn’t quite deliver. Our protagonists, led by ‘Baby Doll’ (Emily Browning), are plastic wrap, see-through and unimpressive. They’re wearing nothing and there’s not much going on behind the visual, no character development, nothing.

I wanted to love this film, I really did, but I couldn’t. I wanted this film to be about empowerment but it wasn’t. Something went terribly wrong somewhere. Perhaps the thought of a crazy, fast paced, jam- packed movie was the studios/ Snyder’s attempt at disguising these not- so- much characters and the not- so- much plot; but ultimately you can’t slam great visuals on something and expect it to save the rest of the movie. It just doesn’t work.

HOWEVER, and this is a big however, the concept behind this movie is good, I won’t deny that. Video games, imagination, mental health are all big themes, with huge areas for exploring in contemporary film, unfortunately Snyder cannot do them justice in Sucker Punch. It seems, or at least feels like there’s a lot of skill in this movie and it’s being wasted on what is, well, a bad film. And, yeah, the movie does look great, but it’s only a bad video game- great graphics but no story to back it up.

All things considered, I’m not mad at Sucker Punch, I can see why people would want to, and love to watch it, I just wish I hadn’t.

1 / 5



  1. Pretty much agree with your thoughts on the piece, though I would have probably described it as seven (or so) decent music videos stitched together. Music is decent and the set pieces are impressive looking enough but there really isn’t much in the way of plot or character here. Though I do recall nodding off during the robot samurai bit when I went to see it in the cinema.


    1. idk some of the music seemed really… weird in some places, although as a whole audibly it was pretty strong. It’s a shame I feel like the concept got lost in the visual elements.


  2. I agree it isn’t good as a score, or soundtrack to a sweeping epic. But as six or seven music videos played back to back, all of which could be cut out, dropped or simple played on MTV (or where ever plays music videos these days) I, well I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it but ‘eh. I do agree that there is a good idea in there unfortunatly Zack isn’t the type of person for that imo as the only movie he’s managed that I would say was decent was Watchmen where someone competent had come through and ironed oput the script to within an inch of its life and it was just up to him to make it look nice.

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