October, 2015- Best and Worst Movie of the Month

Where I review the best and worst movies I’ve seen this month, and give you the basics of what’s going on with these films.

Worst Movie of the Month goes to: Detention, 2015

Give this one a miss, Detention tries too hard to be Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It’s self aware and ironic in the worst possible way, presenting such a fragmented narrative that is causes the film to spend far too much time tying all the pieces together and not nearly enough time delivering a decent plot line.

However this film has got some pretty decent reviews floating about, some places going so far as to call it a ‘cult classic’ ┬áin the making. In my opinion it’s a movie trying to hard to be movie and only ends up coming across obnoxious and leaving it’s audience with a headache.


Best Movie of the Month goes to: An American Werewolf in London, 1981

This could easily go to MacBeth, I watched it in the cinema and I was blown away. But it’s October, aka Halloween month, so I want to stay somewhat on theme, and so the best movie I’ve seen this month is An American Werewolf in London. I know, I know, how could I have not seen this before? Honestly I don’t know. Until this year I’ve steered clear of werewolf films and this was my mistake- because they’re all amazing (some of them for being bad, but still!).

This comedy- horror is definitely worth the time it takes to watch it and much more. It’s simple and it’s fun. Great transformation scene, genuinely funny, and, well, there’s not much more to say. It’s just a solid horror film. A classic.


Comment you’re Best/ Worst movie of the month and let me know what to watch, and what to avoid!


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