New Release: Howl, 2015

Available from 26th October on Virgin Movies/ EE / TalkTalk/ Eircom/ Amazon Instant Video/ Google Play

It’s a little bit trashy, it’s a little bit fun- I love werewolf films!!

When the mundane life of this train guard meets more- man- than- wolf werewolves it certainly is amazing. Ed Speleers plays both parts of his characters (Joe, the train guard) story, from down- on- his- luck to rising hero, respectively, extremely well. The supporting cast aren’t half bad either.

Of course the most exciting part of any werewolf film is the costume/ CGI- did they do this mythical monster justice? Paul Hyett’s Howl did. There’s plenty of teaser, and it’s done right. Howl makes you really (and I mean really) want to see the creatures face, and then does’t disappoint when it delivers. Genuinely creepy, genuinely terrifying – I for one am going to be seeing these things in my nightmares for weeks.

Brilliant film to watch on Halloween, in my opinion.

Spoiler alert: You see the werewolves in the trailer so be like me and skip the trailer if you’re going to watch this film!

3.5/ 5



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