New Release: The Overnight, 2015

Available from 26th October on Virgin Movies/ EE / TalkTalk / Eircom / Amazon Instant Video / Google Play

Prosthetic penis’s everywhere and a cast full of comedy heavyweights (Adam Scott/ Taylor Schilling/ Jason Schwartzman/ Judith Godreche).

Okay so there isn’t that many penis’s but there are a lot of jokes and I was laughing through most of the film.

Patrick Brice’s The Overnight is an up close look at the swinger community, the highs, the lows, but it definitely isn’t judgmental. Brice takes this film to places many others wouldn’t go to and just when you think he’s crossed the line- he pulls it back. I would recommend this film for anyone looking for a laugh- even if some of them are pretty cheap. It’s an ‘adult film’ but not in that sleazy way.

Jason Schwartzman is, as always, hilarious- disclaimer: he is one of my favorite actors for no reason I can personally discover- but the whole cast is pretty strong. However there is more to this movie than comedy and penis’s, it deals with issues such as adulthood, loneliness, where bromance ends and romance continues and, yes, sex.



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