New release: Stonehearst Asylum, 2014

Available from 25th October on Netflix UK

Brad Anderson’s not- quite horror film Stonehearst Asylum is okay, however it does have an amazing cast to back it up. Ben Kingsley’s performance (playing Sylas Lamb) certainly commands something and Kate Beckinsale was beautiful but at times I felt like her performance boiled down to shocked face/ disappointed face. Apart from that, despite its cast, there wasn’t many performances that stood out- not for being bad, but not for being overwhelmingly great either.

The film it’s self is pretty engaging, there wasn’t a moment where I felt like I wanted to stop watching or where I got bored. The fact this film was a period piece certainly helped, and it left you at times not knowing who to root for. There’s also plenty of twists which would have added something to the film if I didn’t know them going in.

The end takes a pretty goofy turn but I’m not mad at it.



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