Dark Shadows, 2012

Available from Thursday 15th October on Amazon Prime


Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows starts with a boat docked in a gloomy England and I’m getting mad Sweeney Todd flashbacks. These were a lie. Dark Shadows just feels tired and gimmicky, the film it’s self struggling to make its way to the next scene trying to find a decent plot line and dragging on for far too long.

However there were some appealing aspects to this film, a Gothic stylized 70’s family was fun to watch, at least visually and I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the soundtrack. Some of the humor comes across well also, Johnny Depp playing out- of- place (or should I say time haha.) vampire Barnabas Collins allows for some well placed jokes- which somewhat saved this film from total disaster. I just can’t help but think this movie had a lot more potential, and ended up delivering very little.

This movie felt like it was being directed by someone pretending to be Tim Burton, delivering exactly what you’d expect and not giving you any more.

2½ /5


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