Late Phases, 2014

Available from 13th October on Netflix UK


Blind, retired, ex- military, shovel- wielding Ambrose McKinley (played by Nick Damici) doesn’t give a fuck. After moving to a retirement complex that backs onto a heavily wooded area things go terribly wrong in the form of animal attacks (or are they?). Ambrose, suspecting otherwise  – after hearing ‘once a month’, and ‘full moon’ – decides to buy up some silver bullets and spends a suspiciously long time burying his dog.

The movie feels more like a drama throughout, werewolves only being seen at the beginning and at the end of the movie. This really works. We get a teaser of the wolf- man, followed by a great portion of film in-between and finally the pay off- trying to lay off the spoilers but the end is totally worth it. Nick Damici is great in the lead role, and it certainly helped that his unlikable character was strangely the most likable person in the film.

“I’m done”



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