What We Do In The Shadows, 2015

Available from Saturday 10th October on Netflix UK

What-We-Do-In-the-Shadows (1)

Directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi (who also star in the film) parody the vampire genre in this clever mockumentary piece, What we do in the Shadows. It’s not an easy thing to do, just take 2010 film Vampires Suck- it’s just the ticket to see an example of a failed vampire parody.

What we do in the Shadows runs with its rather simple premise to mock the over- popularised vampire film to the fullest extent, succeeding in every aspect to deliver a truly enjoyable film. As we meander through the lives of four vampire flat mates some could say that the films pace is, well, rather slow; however this perfectly fits with the humor  as we watch the everyday antics that occur when living with other people- only vampire style. Even the poorly delivered accents only add to the charm of this film and ultimately I was laughing out loud more than once.

An instant crowd-pleaser.




  1. Not sure if you’re aware but apparently they are looking to do a sequel focusing on the wolf pack or a series following the two “hypnotised” cops. Would you be interested in that or do you think that would be too much?


    1. It depends, I think the wolf pack would be a good sequel, not sure about the cops. I mean I’d definitely watch it but this film was so strong stand alone it would be a shame if a bad sequel came out and ruined it. I think so anyway :L


      1. Maybe that’s why we’re not getting a sequel about the vamps, so that if it isn’t as good we can easily distance the two in our mind? I agree about the cops though if they do manage to get it right it would open up more doors about what monsters they could tackle, such as mummies one week or mermaids the week after.
        Granted it’s all up in the air and we will simply have to wait and see, after all I don’t think work has started on anything yet and they are by the sounds of things just chucking around ideas atm.


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